BillSoft and PortaOne Partner to Offer Integrated Solution

September 12, 2006

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BillSoft, Inc., the market leader for communications taxation, and PortaOne announced at the Fall 2006 VON Show, that they have partnered to provide a joint solution for a comprehensive billing and taxation system to the Internet telephony community. Special discounts are available to PortaOne customer’s that sign up with BillSoft’s EZTax product during the Show.

This partnership will provide PortaOne’s customers with an accurate solution to tax their VoIP customers’ transactions. BillSoft’s EZTax product provides the capability to tax for VoIP services in two distinct manners based on the service provider’s set of business requirements. Customers simply map their services to their choice of EZTax transaction types and service types, for accurate taxation of their VoIP transactions. This partnership shows a commitment from both companies to provide a real-time solution for taxation and billing that uses new technologies and is high in performance.

“We are very excited about the increased value-ad that this relationship provides to current and future customers of both PortaOne and BillSoft. PortaSwitch and EZTax are symbiotic products, that when combined create the most holistic billing and account management solution available today”, said Roman Khalenkov, Sales and Marketing Director at PortaOne.

“With highly flexible and automated processes, the powerful combination of PortaSwitch and EZTax, results in systems that provide rating, billing and revenue collection with quicker rollout of new product offerings,” said Vicki Klein, President of BillSoft. “We are excited to work with PortaOne and their customers,” said Klein.

About BillSoft, Inc.

BillSoft specializes in enhancing billing systems and service bureau products by providing taxation, data customization, address scrubbing, jurisdiction assignment, and compliance filing solutions. BillSoft’s “Your Total Tax Solution” consists of EZTax®, EZDataTM, EZFileTM, BillSoft Online, EZGeoTM, EZTax Viewer, tax compliance filing, and tax consulting services.

BillSoft’s flagship product, EZTax, is the most comprehensive communications tax package available. With the availability of taxation for products and services in over 80 countries, EZTax provides the most comprehensive tax system for the best overall value. EZTax supports all major platform environments and offers a number of different interfaces with the standard product. In addition, BillSoft is partnered with billing and OSS providers, providing communications companies with a one-stop approach to a seamless billing/taxation system.

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