PortaOne Announces DIDXchange Interoperability, Enabling Access To Global DID Phone Number Marketplace

August 17, 2009

DIDx logo Users of PortaOne’s PortaSwitch IP Call Control/Billing Subsystem Can Now Offer Their PBX Customers Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Numbers from Over 60 Countries

PortaOne and DIDX, operator of the DIDXchange and a service of Super Technologies, Inc., today announced the successful interoperability of PortaOne’s PortaSwitch IP multimedia subsystem with the DIDXchange routing and provisioning application. The combination allows PortaSwitch VoIP users to purchase and provision their customers with local DID (Direct Inward Dialing) phone numbers in over 60 countries around the world, thereby giving those users a strong competitive advantage in the VoIP PBX segment.

DIDXchange, begun in 2005 by Super Technologies, is an online wholesale marketplace for DID phone numbers. The popular exchange allows CLECs, ILECs and other local telecommunications companies to sell their allocated and unused DID numbers to telecom service providers internationally. Pensacola, Florida-based DIDXchange has 12,500 member companies in 170 countries, and is one of the only true online marketplaces for buying, selling and trading local DID numbers.

Direct Inward Dialing numbers are a staple of Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs), the core telephony system found at most businesses and other workplaces. Employees with a DID phone number can be called directly by outside without going through a receptionist or company operator.

Through its support for the DIDXchange software switch, PortaOne brings new value and flexibility to PortaSwitch users. PortaSwitch is a software-based communication services and subscriber management solution that lets IP telephony service providers deliver a wide variety of business models quickly and flexibly. The comprehensive, Class 5 product consists of a softswitch and application servers, delivering billing and provisioning, SIP call control, unified messaging, IP Centrex and hosted IP PBX, voice VPN, callback management, conferencing and more.

“Some of the most innovative companies and entrepreneurs are leveraging PortaOne’s compatibility with major equipment vendors such as Cisco, NexTone, and Quintum. Before this interop with PortaSwitch, many of PortaOne’s clients were approaching DIDX separately or even going to individual carriers to purchase DID numbers,” said Suzanne Bowen, vice president of marketing for Super Technologies, Inc. “Today’s announcement will be welcome news for PortaSwitch users. We look forward to working with PortaOne to greatly simplify the process of buying and distributing DIDs on a global basis.”

“Obtaining DIDs is an important, even vital, aspect of modern VoIP service offerings. Having direct access to the DIDXchange will be of great convenience for PortaSwitch users,” said Roman Khalenkov, sales and marketing director for PortaOne. “This partnership with DIDX brings additional value to the PortaSwitch feature set and helps our customers be increasingly competitive in their respective markets.”

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