PortaOne Increases Customer Service Via Updated Maintenance Release Program

May 14, 2012
PortaSwitch New Bi-Monthly Delivery Schedule will Assure Faster Deployment of Features and Capabilities; Company Also Announces Two New Classes of Release for Improved Upgrade Planning

New Faster Development:

  • New MR every 2 months or less
  • Leap Forward MR for new features
  • Long-life MR for longer life cycle

PortaOne today announced several major changes to its software maintenance release program. The changes, which include a new bi-monthly delivery schedule and two tiers of releases involving feature rollouts and stability fixes, will bring an even greater level of customer service to the company’s popular suite of VoIP subscriber management and billing products.

Highlights of PortaOne’s new maintenance release program include:

  • Bi-Monthly Releases: To assure faster and more predictable rollout of new features and modules, PortaOne is adopting a new guaranteed delivery schedule. Releases will now be issued on a standardized schedule of every two months or less. Unlike the company’s prior “minimum cluster” approach, which resulted in deliveries of larger releases on a sliding schedule, the new system will reduce the average wait time between feature requests and their final deployment.
  • “Leap Forward” and “Long-life”: PortaOne will now be offering its maintenance releases in two classes: Leap Forward and Long-life. Leap Forward releases will involve new functionality, while Long-life will focus on improved system stability. By breaking releases into these two classes, customers can better plan their upgrades to address individual needs.
  • Rollback Capability: Leap Forward releases will be issued as an initial software build followed by a single “improvement” build to address any issues that are reported. Long-life releases, which will be supported for a longer time than Leap Forward releases, will include multiple improvement builds as well as a “jump” upgrade from one Long-life release to the next. This new strategy will allow customers adopting both Leap Forward and Long-life upgrades to immediately roll back to a previous release if issues are encountered.

“PortaOne’s new program is part of our ongoing effort to create the most responsive software support capability possible,” said Andriy Zhylenko, Chief Technical Officer for PortaOne. “This improvement will allow us, as well as our customers, to react quicker to changing market needs.” Zhylenko noted that other changes, such as a dedicated daily automated testing facility and improved tools for managing source code versions, commits and code reviews, will be invisible to customers but will also result in higher product quality.

PortaOne’s new program will apply to all its telecom infrastructure products including PortaSwitch, our flagship product.

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