PortaSwitch is a software platform for telecommunication service providers, wholesale carriers, ISP, MVNO, and NGN operators for unifying voice and data traffic within a single converged network.

PortaSwitch is built around a comprehensive converged billing software system and includes a class 4-5 SIP softswitch with media application servers. PortaSwitch provides access to the complete C5 hosted IPPBX / IP Centrex functionality and the ultimate feature set for calling card and VoIP wholesale businesses.

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PortaSwitch consists of the following components:

Converged Billing Software

Porta Switch Applications

PortaBilling - Customer management, provisioning and billing software platform that allows fast launching, management of pricing and provisioning for various prepaid, postpaid, retail and wholesale telecommunication services, including calling cards, Vonage- and Skype-like, CLEC type, MVNO & MVNE, ISP, WiMAX & WiFi, and many more.

SIP Softswitch with Media Applications

PortaSIP, a class 4 (SBC) and class 5 SIP softswitch offers many advanced features for calling cards, retail and wholesale, hosted IP PBX or IP Centrex services such as, for example:

  • hunt-groups,
  • call forwarding/follow-me,
  • call transfer,
  • group pickup,
  • call parking,
  • NAT traversal,
  • BLF / presence,
  • instant messaging,
  • web and phone voicemail,
  • teleconferencing,
  • IMAP server for email clients,
  • auto attendant,
  • message waiting,
  • abbreviated dialing,
  • call recording, and
  • automated provisioning of IP phones.
Component Server Number of Servers Function
PortaBilling RADIUS Billing 1 AAA, rating, routing, service provisioning
MySQL Database 2 Master DB, Replica DB
Web Server 1Admin interface, customer self care pages
Softswitch & Media PortaSIP 2 Proxying and media applications for class 4/5 services (e.g. IVR playback, unified messaging and conferencing) and SBC functionality
Configuration server 1 System configuration and update management, logging storage

The configuration server is a single point for efficient management and seamless update process of the whole PortaSwitch set up. It is also used as a logging storage to remove the analytical task loads from the servers directly involved in the operational processes.

Please find more information about hardware requirements and specifications on a dedicated HW page.

PortaSwitch unlimited and perpetual license includes:

PortaSwitch Performance

PortaSwitch comes with unlimited license and since there are no artificial limitations on the software side the only thing that limits its performance is the calculating power of the servers it is installed on. Of course, the actual performance will depend on the system`s configuration, traffic patterns, and the types of services provided. From our experience the following numbers may be expected, on average:

Performance IndicatorsMaximal Values
Call attempts per second50
Busy hour call attempts (BHCA)180,000
Concurrent calls7,500
Concurrent Internet access sessions20,000
Individual customers100,000
Monthly traffic in minutes 20,000,000

If your business requires higher capacity and/or more redundancy options you may consider clustered products like PortaSwitch Procinctus or Oracle RAC based systems.

To overcome catastrophic events such as natural disasters, power outages at the collocation provider, network routing errors, etc., and provide uninterrupted service PortaSwitch can be complimented with a site redundancy.

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