"The training program provided by PortaOne was consistent, structured and professional."
Hemanta Sharma, CEO
at Radius Communications

Radius Communications offers hosted IPPBX services, calling cards, callshops, and wholesale VoIP termination with PortaSwitch.

"The training was included in the price of PortaSwitch and conducted in a highly professional manner, thus quickly alleviating our concerns about adopting a new software platform."

Marian Juskiewicz CTO at VoxNet

VoxNet runs multiple calling card and residential VoIP businesses with a single PortaSwitch.

The PortaOne team of training engineers delivers high-quality, interactive onsite training programs to our customers and partners worldwide.

The cost of training is included in the price of license for PortaBilling or PortaSwitch. We also offer a complimentary day of new features and/or update training for the subscribers of Premium PortaCare.

Knowledge Services can help your organization increase the value derived from deploying PortaOne solutions by:

  • Reducing the time required to achieve business benefits
  • Promoting continuous process improvement to accelerate returns on software investments
  • Increasing acceptance by partners and customers
  • Improving the reliability and quality of operations and newly-installed software

StartVoIP! Training Program

Who Should Attend

  • Network and system engineers responsible for maintenance and deployment of the PortaBilling solution
  • Project managers responsible for implementation of PortaOne's solutions
  • Customer service specialists
  • Marketing, pricing and product managers


Training can take place at either

  1. the customer's location, or
  2. our facilities in North America and Europe

Training at customer's location is preferable (with rare exceptions of locations on US and Canadian do-not-visit lists), since in that case everyone involved in the VoIP project can participate, while the costs of flying one trainer to the customer is considerably lower than flying customer representatives to Vancouver.


The training is custom-tailored to specific requirements and audiences (especially for larger companies, where different departments are involved). The general training syllabus includes:

VoIP principles - 1 hr
  • Building your PortaSwitch-powered VoIP network
  • RADIUS, billing information collection
  • Interaction between billing and network components, IVR options
PortaBilling architecture - 6 hrs
  • General architecture and main concepts
  • Program components
  • Web Interface tour
  • Available reports and statistics
  • Data model (database structure, tables, and their relationship)
  • Interfacing with external systems: online payments
  • Templates: conveniently uploading rate information from your partners
Different Billing Models - 3 hrs
  • Billing prepaid and postpaid cards
  • Billing business (corporate) customers
  • Wholesale traffic exchange
  • Using reseller model
  • Billing SIP users, advanced billing options (e.g. follow-me)
PortaSIP - 2 hr
  • Architecture and integration with the other components
  • Advanced features (first login greeting, etc.)
  • NAT traversal solution
  • Auto-provisioning of IP phones
  • Web Interface tour
Hands-on session - 4 hrs
  • Assisted configuration of different service scenarios on customer's VoIP network
  • Testing and troubleshooting


US$2,900 for a 2-day training; US$1,000 for an additional training day

Full payment must be made in advance.

Transportation and accommodation costs not included. PortaOne will choose and purchase an economy fare return flight that fits the training schedule. Our trainers are currently located in Western Canada and Central and Eastern Europe. Obviously, the airfare will vary depending on the exact destination and time of travel.

If you would like to register for a training course, please contact Knowledge Services at contact@portaone.com



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