Provide inter-office exchange, outgoing long-distance and international calls, incoming DIDs for enterprise customers and call centers.


PortaSwitch is a unified service delivery platform, which includes the following components:

  • Session-Border Controller (SBC)

    It provides a high-availability control point for all network communications. It hides the internal network topology; protects from denial-of-service (DoS) attacks; limits call initiation ratio per end-point; automatically distributes traffic between available softswitch nodes; enables multiple transport protocols (e.g. SIP over TLS).

  • Softswitch cluster

    Highly scalable class 4 and 5 SIP softswitch delivers call control and media processing functions. It supports real-time call authorization and charging, dynamic call routing, advanced call control, full IP Centrex feature set, voice and video calls, fax-over-IP, presence / BLF, instant messaging and SMS. Media processing includes voicemail, auto-attendant, call queues, call recording, IVR applications, voice and video conferencing.

  • B/OSS

    is used to configure the service parameters, set up recurring and usage-based charging, activate customers, perform monitoring & troubleshooting and issue invoices. There is a real-time data link between B/OSS and softswitch, so any changes are instantly effective and no additional configuration is required. This allows to implement variety of revenue generation methods, such as “all inclusive” or “a-la carte” selling of features (e.g. call recording); selling bundles of minutes for monthly subscriptions; charging based on metered parameters (number of extensions or concurrent calls).

  • Self-care Portal

    It allows the customer to perform most of the IP Centrex configuration (adding extensions, configuring hunt-groups or auto-attendant, etc.), access CDRs and invoices, make payments, etc.

How does it work?

  1. Customer has on-premises IP PBX, legacy PBX (connected to VoIP gateway) or Microsoft Lync.
  2. There are three main business drivers for SIP trunking service:
    • Customer wants to save money on outgoing long-distance and international calls
    • Customer wants to have various incoming phone numbers (toll-free, different cities or even different countries).
    • Customer has multiple branch offices in various cities – they want toll bypass for calls between extensions of different branches
  3. You define your products. Each product is a combination of recurring fees, per-minute rate plan, bundled (free) minutes, limitations of concurrent calls (trunks) and per-second call attempts.
  4. You provision a customer in PortaSwitch, entering their authorization credentials (IP address or username / password), associated phone numbers and optionally applying anti-fraud measures.
  5. Customer may purchase new phone numbers or port their existing numbers to your network. They may purchase add-ons such as call recording or conferencing.
  6. Outgoing call from customer’s office is delivered to PortaSwitch. It is authorized and then routed either to another IP PBX (for intra-office calls) or to PSTN network.
  7. Calls to DID numbers (local or toll-free) arrive from carriers or DID exchanges and then routed to IP PBX, which handles that number.  
  8. Fax-over-IP is supported as well, both outgoing and incoming.
  9. Customer has clear overview of all configuration settings, CDRs and invoices. At the end of the month all applicable fees are assessed, invoice PDF is generated and emailed, credit card on file is automatically charged


Optimize daily operations
  • Easy and quick service provisioning
  • Anti-fraud and call attempts (CPS) control
  • Automated billing and invoicing
  • Detailed web-based logs for troubleshooting
Provide better experience for end-user
  • Self-care to manage configuration
  • Per-call selection of route quality
  • Quick ordering of new DIDs (local, toll-free, international)
  • Use desktop phone, mobile phone or smartphone app<
Excel in service reliability
  • Carrier-grade security with Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • Full data redundancy
  • Clustered components for high availability
  • Ultimate availability (99.999%) with Oracle RAC
  • Site redundancy and zero-downtime updates
Increase profitability
  • Real-time call authorization and overdraft protection
  • Minute bundles with a fixed monthly fee
  • Charging based on number of trunks and/or concurrent calls
  • Least-cost routing across multiple outgoing carriers
Stay ahead of the competition
  • Unlimited scalability with no per-user or per-feature costs
  • Open platform that is quickly and easily expandable
  • Fast delivery of new features with agile development
Rapidly increase your sales volume
  • Online web signup
  • Promotions and discounts
  • Resellers (white-label operators)
  • Usage/payment based commissions

Supported Features

  • Least-cost-routing (LCR)
  • Failover routing
  • DoS attack and “rogue” call traffic prevention
  • Multi-site office support (Voice VPN)
  • Fixed-mobile convergence
  • Static or dynamic IP address for branch IP PBX
  • NAT traversal
  • Local Number portability
  • Fax: T.38 and fax-to-email
    HD voice support
  • On-demand DID provisioning
  • Call limit control based on bandwidth
  • SIP trunk control (total / outgoing / incoming)
  • Call attempt rate (CPS) control
  • Secure calling (SIP over TLS)
  • Unified communication
  • Customer self-care portal
  • Automated invoicing
  • Auto-charge of credit card / ACH
  • VAS: Conferencing, CNAM, etc.
  • API for creating advanced call control applications
  • Statistics and reports

SIP Trunking

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