PortaOne Shortens Development Time, Adds Market Value To Global Telco's White-Label VoIP App

Exridge logo Exridge Combines PortaOne's Softswitch Platform with Acrobits Cloud Softphone to Supply Resellers with Mobile VoIP Solution that Expands Their Calling Card Business

The ubiquity of WiFi, and the rapid expansion of 4G networks around the world, are spelling real opportunity for wholesale telecoms and calling card marketers. With the right mobile app, these enterprising companies are giving their customers a way to enter the world of SIP, making VoIP calls from smartphones with little or no roaming charges - all while enjoying the latest calling features.

Exridge Pte. Ltd. is a leader in this lucrative trend. Based in Singapore, London and Prague, Exridge, a telecommunications solutions provider, builds and markets an affordable VoIP smartphone app for iOS and Android devices. The app is offered to telecom resellers as a fully customizable, white-label solution, ready for use by business and consumer end-users.

As call quality, configurability and exceptional customer support were key considerations for Exridge, it had high standards when looking for technology partners upon which to build its app. For the core enabling technology it selected Acrobits' Cloud Softphone product - and for the call completion, value-added features like smart contact lists, and billing functions it chose the PortaSwitch integrated softswitch/billing platform from PortaOne.

"We realized we needed a robust, convergent softswitch that would help us bring our app to market very fast," said Kerry Weir, Exridge's Managing Director. "PortaSwitch had a wealth of features, APIs, support, scalability, the ability to customize - everything we needed, plus an unusually quick development environment."

PortaOne's PortaSwitch telecom services and subscriber management platform is at the center of the infrastructure of many of the world's next-generation telecommunications companies. Its Class 4/5 SIP softswitch, integrated media applications and converged billing/provisioning capabilities enable both retail and wholesale users to deploy and manage virtually any kind of value-added service, from hosted IP PBX and IP Centrex to Skype-class video calling. "PortaSwitch gives us control over our own app solution," continued Weir. "It lets us offer our clients a level of application support that will distinguish us in the global marketplace. With PortaSwitch and the Acrobits Cloud Softphone, our clients don't have to invest their own time and resources in building a full-featured VoIP smartphone app. It's like having their own SDK at a fraction of the cost - and it helps them quickly compete in an emerging service segment."

Acrobits' Cloud Softphone, a TMC Labs Innovation Award winner, is an easy way for providers and businesses to generate a mobile SIP VoIP client without the cost and hassle of development. It features push notification so users can receive calls when the app is closed, as well as Web service-based callback for maximum battery efficiency.

According to Weir, the Call Through feature in the Cloud Softphone makes a perfect bridge for calling card providers who want to give customers an automated dialer for PIN-less international calling. "We believe this is the future of voice, and the future for next-generation telecoms," she notes.

Exridge's ability to offer highly customizable, packaged white-label solutions like that from Acrobits and PortaOne makes the company unique, Weir says. She notes that Exridge can now provide full branding, design and Web development using the APIs from PortaOne and Acrobits - a complete, one-stop alternative.

"With Acrobits and PortaSwitch we give our customers, and their end-users, a smarter way to call," Weir states. "PortaSwitch also enables us to offer our resellers managed and hosted services, combined with a highly competitive mobile app."

During Mobile World Congress 2016, PortaOne and Acrobits are showcasing their products from their exhibit at Hall 8.1 - AppPlanet Stand 8.1K54 in the Fira Gran Via convention center.

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