Premium PortaCare

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PortaCare is an annual support and maintenance subscription program that covers remote system monitoring and regular maintenance releases with new features, as well as 24/7 technical support for PortaOne products.

Premium PortaCare is an extended list of services available to the PortaCare subscribers. In addition to all standard PortaCare features and services, the annual Premium PortaCare program includes:

  • Phone Support
    24/7×365 unlimited access to the dedicated PortaOne contact center establishing the fastest track to resolve the most important issues and address business critical questions and concerns
  • Development
    The highest priority assessment, research, and quoting for the custom development assignments with direct involvement of PortaOne development professionals
  • Additional Training
    Complimentary one-day training session to transfer knowledge to new staff members, to learn about constantly evolving new functionality, and to see how PortaSwitch can be applied to new business opportunities on the market (offered on demand once a year at one of PortaOne locations or on-site at customer's offices, travel expenses not included)
  • On-Site Assistance
    Complimentary two-day on-site configuration assistance visit by one of the most experienced senior PortaOne support engineers (offered on demand once a year, travel expenses not included)

contactFor more information about Premium PortaCare support and maintenance program please contact our sales team.


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